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New Masterlist

This is the new Angela Petrelli fic masterlist! It is of course based on the list compiled by yetanothermask, but updated with new fics. If you still think that something is missing from the list, please tell me and I'll happily add the fic! I am looking forward to new fics to make this long list even longer!! :) Happy reading, everyone!

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Yay, finally a fic NOT written by amles80 ;)

Those of you who are not following the news posted at heroes_faves, I thought you’d like to know this. :)

Title: Cassandra
Author: x_art
Rating: Not rated
Characters/Pairing: Angela Petrelli/Charles Deveaux
Word count: 1558
Notes: A backstory for Angela Petrelli and Charles Deveaux—based on the episode, 'How to Stop an Exploding Man.'

Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/363729

Mod message: Hoping to revive the comm!

Hello there!

I am the new moderator of this community! If anyone is still watching dona_petrelli, you have probably noticed that I am the only one who is posting here these days... I hope that this can change -- hopefully some of you will remember your appreciation of Angela Petrelli and start to write fanfic again! I know that most people lost interest in Heroes since the show got cancelled, which is understandable, but I know that there are still people out there who say that Angela is one of their favorite characters and I hope they will find their way to this community. :)

At the moment I'm working on updating the masterlist. I am also tagging all entries so that you can find the things that interest you more easily.

If you have any suggestions for how to make this community more active again, please tell me! Would anyone be interested in challenges, contests, ficathons?.....

I so hope that this community is not dead yet!

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Fic: Anything to save my world

Title: Anything to save my world
Author: amles80
Rating/Genre: g/gen
Characters: Angela, Sylar, references to Peter
Summary: Angela just wants to do the right thing…
Word count: 481
Spoilers: Based on early season 3, I'm sorry I don't remember the exact episodes, but the fic is not very spoilery, really.
Notes:Written for heroes_contest drabble challenge #32, Trouble.

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Fic: Better View

Title: A Place With a View
Fandom: Heroes
Rating/Genre: G/femslash
Word count 79
Characters/Pairing: Elle/Angela
Notes: Super short drabble inspired by paynesgrey’s Angela pic in heroespiclove, HERE! :)

Angela heard a giggle, followed by a gasp and a soft sound as if from a hand covering a mouth to stifle said giggle.

She looked around, and then up.

Elle was up there under the ceiling, laying flat on her stomach on top of a cupboard, looking down on her.

“Elle! What are you doing up there? Come down at once.”

The blonde girl shook her head with a mischievous grin.

“No. The view is better from here.”
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Fic: All the Gray Areas

Title: All the Gray Areas
Author: amles80
Rating/Genre: G/Gen
Characters/Pairing: Angela Petrelli, Lydia (Noah Bennet)/parings open to interpretation
Summary: Angela comes to the carnival under the pretext of looking for Claire, and talks to Lydia about black and white.
Word count: 1723
Spoilers/Warnings: No.
Notes: Written for One-shot Challenge #30, Black and White, at heroes_contest.

What about all the gray areas? she asks, and Lydia nods.
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Cherry Pie and Dreams

Title: Cherry Pie and Dreams
Fandom:Heroes/Twin Peaks
Rating/Genre: g/gen
Characters: Angela Petrelli, Audrey Horne, Arthur Petrelli, Agent Cooper, the Log Lady, Daniel Linderman (hinted possible Audrey/Angela attraction)
Summary: Arthur and Linderman have business to discuss with Benjamin Horne, and Angela comes with them for a few days of vacation in Twin Peaks. There she meets a bored teenager, and people who might or might not have abilities similar to her own. And yes, she dreams about Laura Palmer, too.
Word count: 2 690
Spoilers/Warnings: No, but I guess some general knowledge about Twin Peaks helps.
Notes: For the Crossover Challenge at heroes_faves.

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The Interpretation of Dreams

Title: The Interpretation of Dreams
Author: amles80
Rating/Genre: g/gen
Characters: Angela & Alice Shaw, and their father
Summary: Young Angela sees a book in her dad’s bookshelf. Does it have the answers she’s looking for?
Word count: 595
Spoilers/Warnings: No.
Notes: Prompt: Sigmund Freud, oneshot challenge # 28 at heroes_contest.